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Linear Broadcast Online TV

Why does online content Matters?

  • Television (literally “remote vision”) is as popular as ever, although the means to transmit and consume it has evolved dramatically. But from the days of the big TV networks to the age of cable-TV, to today’s age of internet streaming media, content is still king.

In the 1990s, micro-segmentation enabled television for special interest groups. There was much debate whether “The Food Channel,” “The Golf Channel,” “The Weather Channel,” or even cable news would survive. They did. And so did many others who could afford the high entry cost of satellite transmission and cable-TV distribution. 

The public internet has completely changed the entry cost of becoming a video content publisher. YouTube alone has 100’s of millions of videos and receives millions of new files every day. There is no lack of content on the public internet. This Video-on-Demand (VoD) service is wonderful and has its place. Why should you have to wait for 10 PM to view your favorite show? With VoD, you can view it anytime and on virtually any device. 

Linear Broadcasting is not VoD, and it is curated content that is broadcast one after the other in linear time. Like conventional TV, it is VoD transmitted as a live stream. What is on at any given time is scheduled for broadcast. You can schedule morning shows at 6 AM, afternoon shows at 1 PM, and evening shows at 9 PM. You have total control of your schedule and can schedule your playout days, weeks, or months in advance. If you don’t have content for a particular time, you can let the system default to your continuity playlist.

You curate Linear broadcast content, the publisher. Upload your videos to the library and schedule them at will. Here are some examples of content channels that LinearBroadcast.com supports:

· Faith Broadcasts – publish religious programs for your church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious organization

·Corporate Broadcast – publish your own corporate TV channel to distribute company information

·Brand Broadcast – create a TV channel to distinguish your brand to explain how to use, to display fashion trends, cooking tips, and much more

·Hospitality – broadcast a TV channel about tourist attractions in your city, town, or region. 

·Hotel – distribute your “barker” channel to highlight your property, restaurants, attractions

· Venue and Conventions – display your TV channel throughout your facility to announce schedules, events, and more.

The variety of Linear Brodcast applications is virtually unlimited, and the entry cost is very low.